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Every one has different life styles, which is why we’ve created a number of fitness & spa membership options allowing you to keep fit at times that best suit you. Whether you want hit the gym before work, enjoy during day time or simply take a leisurely workouts in the evening ,we have gym memberships that are flexible for every individual.

By signing up to +ve emotions fitness & spa membership you will have excl usive access to the state-of-the art facilities, outdoor swimming pool, daily exercise classes, thermal treatments, relaxing spa treatments as well as many other benefits.

Gym Membership

We understand that you all have different needs, including when you want to workout. That’s why we have created a variety of gym memberships, allowing you to keep fit at any time that suits you.

Full Memberships

Our full membership package includes use of sauna, steam bath, fully equipped gym and fitness dance classes. You will also benefit from complimentary fresh towels, toiletries and refreshments.

Off peak membership

For those more flexible with hours during the day, we can provide you with an off peak membership. It Includes use of the swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, fitness classes and fully equipped gym. Off peak members will also benefit from complimentary towels, refreshments and bathroom toiletries.

Off peak hours during weekday are from 9am to 4pm.

Corporate gym membership

Looking after your company is the first step to a healthy, more productive working environment - healthy employees mean happy employees.+ve emotions fitness & spa offer all year round cooperate memberships that are affordable to all working class niche.

Get a free pass to the gym for a day, after registration


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