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Dance work out Studio

Tired of boring workouts? Why not try a fitness dance class? We offer a range of dance classes - from beginners to advanced level - in a fun and sociable environment. Dances are fun and target all muscle groups of the body.

The studio is a beautiful space dedicated to our range of fitness classes. The features include temperature control and mirrored walls to make the most of the relaxing experience. It is fully equipped with mats and balls so members can maximise their workout time.
Group exercise is a fun and great way to stay motivated. Taking part in one of our fitness classes is a great way to improve your fitness, stick to an exercise routine and make friends!
We have a variety of classes to suit everyone's needs, from insanity aerobics to low-impact stretches. With a number of dance classes to choose from you'll never get bored!

Dance classes
Classes offered include

Hip hop dance

Floor aerobics

Dumb bell conditioning

Zuppi dance

T25 (tummy,arms,biceps &hip work out)

Floor stretches & body condtioning


Moderate insanityworkout


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(+256) 772426691




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